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Bio Claire Fox is director of @acadofideas, author of 'I find that Offensive!', former MEP; now Baroness Fox of Buckley (!!!) #CP4G

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Buffer : The Russian elites really are shameless. Their response to Finland and Sweden applying to join NATO is a case in point. They invade a neighbouring country then accuse everyone else of destabilising the world, writes Tim Black…

Twitter for iPad : Telegraph (£) “The Renters Reform Bill will extend the Decent Homes Standard to the private rented sector for the first time, giving all renters the legal right to a safe and warm home and banning no fault evictions.'…

Twitter for Android : As you've limited your replies, will answer here: I live by those same principles today. Anti racism was (still should be) intensely political - it was about solidarity in fight for equality. Identity politics is intensely apolitical - more intensely narcissistic & sadly divisive

Twitter for Android : Watching this documentary. God, memories of my youth flooding back: from special music of to fighting NF & brutality of open racist street violence. Another era, yet vividly formative on today. Also a refreshing reminder of anti racism before identity politics

Twitter for iPhone : Completely agree with this.

Visits from family members and loved ones provide a real lifeline for patients receiving treatment.

We need all NHS trusts to follow the guidance and ensure they are facilitating visits.…

Twitter Web App : HSBC bigwig daring to say what most think privately about climate alarmism.

“Who cares if Miami is 6 meters under water in 100 years? Amsterdam has been 6 meters under water for ages, and that’s a really nice place. We will cope with it.” Amen.

Twitter for iPhone : “.Claire Fox said: 'Erasing women from public discourse on maternity is not ahead of the curve; it is regressive and demeaning ... If we erase the word 'women', the danger is that we erase the struggle for women’s rights that got us here.'”…

Twitter Web App : This is a disaster for low income workers, who are already losing work having to travel extra miles around LTNs. It costs thousands of pounds to upgrade their cars. Some of the cars scrapped will be recently purchased, to cope with the last set of targets.…

Twitter Web App : Back on Thames bench for Inside The Lords this wk. Seems some Lords feel reenergised post Queen’s speech, excited about acting like an opposition to Gov, instead of unelected body limited to reviewing legislation + & slim Schools Bill & more