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Twitter for iPhone : In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organised robbery?

In the absence of decency, what is a parliamentary majority but tyranny?

In the absence of integrity & competence, what is a prime minister but a real & present danger to his country & its people?

Twitter Web App : Is it just me or did Sophie Raworth look a bit more than flustered after her 'interview' with Keir Starmer this morning? Being pressed too hard by her editor behind the scene, so even she was embarrassed? Doesn't bode well for her being 's supporting replacement...

Twitter for iPhone : First you come for @channel4 because you don’t like its reporting of events. Now you come for the BBC because you don’t like its reporting of events. Have you ever considered whether it’s the events themselves that are the problem?

Twitter Web App : 12.Six weeks before Johnson became PM, I wrote that the Tories risked becoming 'a zombie party, whose destructive power is no longer guided by a living intelligence'.

Johnson is only a symptom of that malaise. Fixing it will tax his successor to the limit…

Twitter Web App : 7. Where the government *has* been consistent is in the accruing of power, and the assailing of institutions that might obstruct it. Yet it seems much more comfortable in amassing power than in thinking about what to do with it.

Twitter for iPhone : Those quoting “ he got Brexit done”… any fool can sign an agreement… but if it doesn’t work and it doesn’t deliver what was expected… then that’s getting a SIGNATURE done and leaving a shed load of trouble to unpick. That’s where we are.

Twitter for iPhone : Worth remembering that one of the Mets own officers used these ‘regulations’ to kidnap, rape, and murder Sarah Everard.

The Met then trampled women, and the flowers they had laid, at a vigil honouring her. Again, using these regulations to justify.

Utterly corrupt.