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Bio classy, but I cuss a little. sassy, but you probably deserve it.

my favorite baseball team is whichever one Nolan Arenado plays for. she/her

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Twitter for iPhone : i cannot believe i live in a world where fully vaccinated people go on the news and social media convincing other people to not get vaccinated because that’s better for business. LMAOO it’s fucking sociopathic.

Twitter for iPhone : That white boy went on a road trip with his GF, killed her, came back home without her, and the police just let him chill at home and now he’s on the run. Nobody knows where he is.

Erybody knew he did it, was IN HER VAN, and the police didn’t even arrest him for theft 🤦🏾‍♂️

Twitter for iPhone : Mookie Reds fans
making sure Friedl got his first major league hit/homer ball back

Twitter for iPhone : I think the Biden decision on mandatory vaccines is correct and bold. I think the decision to remove troops from Afghanistan, though not without valid criticism, was correct, and bold. I’m just wondering when this admin will be willing to be bold for the 51% of us with a uterus.

Twitter Web App : This messaging from universities that it's safe to gather in large classrooms but not at parties is clearly not landing very well.

I think people are generally very tired of being told that the pandemic is over when it comes to labor but ongoing when it comes to leisure.