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Bio classy, but I cuss a little. sassy, but you probably deserve it.

my favorite baseball team is whichever one Nolan Arenado plays for. she/her

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Twitter for iPhone : Breaking: Senate Republicans block debate on Freedom to Vote Act

It’s completely undemocratic that 41 GOP senators representing just 21% of country can filibuster legislation supported by 70% of Americans that would expand voting access for tens of millions

Twitter Web App : Week of 10/10 in Cancer: You will be preparing for good things. Some of it will be very important. There’s no reason to be behind the scenes anymore. In fact you should make yourself evident.

Twitter Web App : It has come to my attention that not everyone knows this so I am once again tweeting:

24hrs after a traumatic event, or as soon as you are safe, play Tetris. It SIGNIFICANTLY reduces likelihood of intrusive memories:…

Twitter Web App : Elk rut (mating season) is currently ongoing in the area. Bull elk, weighing up to 1100 lb, are busy & preoccupied. DO NOT APPROACH THEM! These are wild, unpredictable animals. View from >75 ft distance; DO NOT GET TOO CLOSE (photo is an example of dangerously too close)

Twitter Web App : Staying up too late because I don't want to go back to work tomorrow is completely rational, right?