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Twitter for iPhone : The White House says that inflation is a rich person's problem.

Christmas Trees will cost 30% more this year.

This affects every American who celebrates Christmas, the Biden Admin. is wrong again!

Twitter for iPhone : It’s time to save our country and STOP the spread of socialism in America!

I’m running as an AMERICA FIRST candidate in NC and am fighting to give the gavel back to WE THE PEOPLE.

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Twitter for iPhone : 19 House Democrats have officially opted against running for reelection in 2022.

Democrats know that a RED WAVE is coming and after 2022, they will be in the minority!

Twitter for iPhone : The Tar Heel State will not tolerate CRT.

Two school districts in North Carolina have banned critical race theory from the public school curriculum.

North Carolina is Making Education Great Again!

Twitter for iPhone : BREAKING:

Latest polls show more Americans want the GOP to win control of Congress next year!

Help me RETIRE Nancy Pelosi: 👇…

Twitter for iPhone : The very individuals who want American citizens punished for exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, can’t even keep their finger off the trigger in a room full of people!

Twitter for iPhone : Pfizer announced that The Brandon Administration purchased $5B of COVID-19 treatment pills.

One thing is clear:

This is no longer about the health of Americans, this is about the health of Big Pharma's wallets.

Twitter for iPhone : New York City will require proof of vaccination to be shown at the New Years Eve celebration, but will not require I.D. to vote.

We must have a requirement to show a photo ID before casting a ballot!

Twitter for iPhone : The New York Times says, “Inflation news is being driven by rich people, who are flipping out.”

North Carolinians who are paying 59% more to heat their homes this year, would say otherwise.

Twitter for iPhone : 55% of North Carolinians do NOT approve of President Biden’s performance.

Joe Biden finds his approval rating underwater in every state.

It’s ironic considering he is the “most popular President in history!”