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From the drummers perspective over the past tour, one of the best parts has been witnessing the diversity of our 5SOS family. Different generations, cultures, music fans of all kinds are coming along to rock. This has been the best part of our career so far for me.

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2 years since I released my first independent solo album. I felt fear to share this hurt & vulnerable part of myself,but everything inside me pushed me to make this art. I’m glad i did, thank you for listening.

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'We did it! We're the f*cking Number 1 album in the UK!'

Massive congratulations to 5 Seconds of Summer who earned a photo-finish in this week's Official Albums Chart race with 5SOS5 πŸ†

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What a crazy beautiful week & we're right at the line for a #1 in UK! To help us get there, order 5SOS5 from our store between 4PM-6PM BST today & you'll receive a unique voice note demo from the recording process of 5SOS5 with your album. Thank you all!

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Wow, some of you are gonna hear the original voice memo of red line today. I was in a dark place at the time and you can hear how heavy I feel in the voice memo