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Twitter for iPhone : We head into the next parliamentary session with a govt intent on undermining our rights and protections and punishing us for minding.
Thank you media for getting the country to focus on tabloid twattery instead of the profound damage done by our govt’s relentless abuse of power.

Twitter for iPhone : Tories chose this dire Brexit.
They bribed the DUP to get a majority then dumped them and put a border in the Irish Sea to ‘get Brexit done’.
Johnson signed it, boasted and lied about it to win the GE.
Tories voted for it.
Exactly which part of this shitshow is *not* their fault?

Twitter for iPhone : Tearing up the NI Protocol would invite a catastrophic trade war with the EU. Boris Johnson negotiated an unworkable Brexit deal, thinking he could wriggle out of his commitment. He cannot. We are facing the ugly consequences of a rogue PM and his disastrous Brexit

Twitter for iPhone : The Daily Mail has lost it. 2 weeks of this shit. But nothing remotely like it on Johnson who has actually broken the law, been fined, lied to Parliament and LOST NEARLY 500 seats in the local election.
Daily Mail still standing in its own piss shouting about Starmer.

Twitter for iPhone : So Tories, Tory press and Johnson…
Where now with your shabby hit job on Starmer? Keep on going deep into shit creek? Or accept you landed yourselves in it, broke the paddles and thought that trying to get Starmer in there with you would help you escape.
Phenomenal arseholery.

Twitter for iPhone : 💥Keir Starmer confirms he’ll resign if fined over beergate: “If the police decide to issue me with a FPN I would of course do the right thing and step down. This matters because the British public deserve politicians who think the rules apply to them”.

Twitter for iPhone : There are two reasons the government keeps recycling the “We will be slashing EU red tape to unleash billions!” story. One is it gives the false impression Brexit will get better; the second is, it is in place of any genuine ideas for how to fix the economy, given they have none.

TweetDeck : Can't wait to hear about the bonfire of red tape from a government which has done more than any other in my lifetime to impose it on British businesses.

Twitter for iPhone : A govt vindictively smearing the leader of the opposition to try to get their lawbreaking lying leader off the hook is not a govt that will ‘level up’, restore power-sharing in NI or resolve the issue of the border they put in the Irish Sea.
They’re not thinkers. They’re thugs.

Twitter for iPhone : Quite the day, when you think about it. Stroke & heart attack victims now waiting two hours for an ambulance, people unable to afford food, and the UK pulling apart as never before. But, you know, the leader of the opposition ate a meal.

Twitter for iPhone : Never known this country to be so divided and ill at ease. 12yrs of Tories in govt and 2.5yrs of Johnson rocket boosting the misery.
Brexit, bigotry, vicious Tory press, culture war, rampant dishonesty, greed, inhumanity and contempt.
The damage they do is historic and profound.

Twitter for iPhone : Johnson “Over my dead body will there be a border in the Irish Sea” signed & campaigned on a ‘great’ withdrawal agreement drawn up by (Lord) Frost that contained exactly that. Now the Union of the UK is at risk.

Are you prepared to take responsibility for this Prime Minister?

Twitter for iPhone : Facts:
Johnson is a lawbreaking liar.
Our govt is corrupt.
Its latest legislation is anti-democratic and inhumane.
Brexit is a shitshow.
The cost of living crisis will be devastating.
They don’t care.
They’ve lost almost *500* seats in local elections.
The Daily Mail is a twat.

Twitter Web App : Just because this morning's papers are bordering on madness, a rough summary of these results would be:
> Labour rebuilt the so-called 'Red Wall'
> Labour made even further advances in parts of the south
> The Lib Dems won lots of disaffected Tory voters