Twitter for Android : It's been over a week since YouTube got rid of dislikes and I can safely say that I absolutely hate everything about that decision and it's one of the dumbest things they've ever changed

Twitter Web App : O podcast de Lula ao PodPah já pode ser considerado o maior de toda a história do YouTube!

Com quase 300 MIL espectadores simultâneos, o vídeo já é um dos mais vistos e se encaminha para o mais curtido do canal, tendo 450 MIL likes com apenas 15 horas de lançamento!

Twitter for iPhone : Besar, casar y matar versión autores de Wattpad. 5:00 PM hoy en mi canal de YouTube. Ft Santiago Speranza Spoiler: Murió mucha gente. Paulalofriada lvs Flare 🎄🎅🏽🎁 Luis Avila Flor

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Twitter for Android : “Woman” received 6,182,500 views on YouTube in its first 24 hours. It’s Sexy Feline Machine’s biggest opening day with a solo music video on the platform.

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Twitter for iPhone : Many are aware that Jawed, YouTube's co-founder updated 'me at the zoo' description speaking out agianst the removal of dislikes. He recently updated the description further elaborating on his thoughts. For the uninitiated: