Twitter for iPhone : Lil Durk fans trying to defend him cheating with a Transexual….

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Twitter for Android : it would be even funnier now, because they'd have to explain why they got their ass beat, but additionally why they got their ass beat by a 150-pound transexual

Twitter for Android : I'm a sweet Transvestite from transexual Transylvania.
Love this song so much Jason Donovan ❤️❤️❤️❤️👠👄

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Twitter Web App : The Sunday Times 6. keep their penises while claiming to be women.
Importantly though, women are more than men without penises. An altered male is a transexual, not a woman and the lie does disservice to all of us.
Lastly, most Americans are unaware that LGBs all over the world are fighting Trans

Twitter for iPhone : Easy solution for Transexual build another bathroom for unisex. This way the Majority of people can still feel comfortable using male & female bathrooms! Same for sports, locker rooms. I don’t want someone with a Penis sharing my bathroom or locker room!

Twitter Web App : Quien quiere chuparlas ? Son pequeñas pero paraditas como niña, para que te las puedas meter todas a la boca ufff que rico 😋🤤
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