Twitter for iPad : @Theroninway Musashi just arrived & I just ordered the book of five rings.
I read Shogun years ago, many times in fact, trying to get more out of it than there was. I may be mistaken but from what you’ve written - the “more” I was looking for in Shogun might be found in these 2 books

Twitter for Android : Stephen being put through a simulation in last night's class.

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Twitter for iPad : @Theroninway Has there ever been a year of such polarity as this year? On Twitter tho I’m seeing more & more Real Men coming together using their God-given talents, strengths & positions as leaders begin to take back what had been lost.

Twitter for Android : @Theroninway LifeMathMoney Alcohol and add in mental masturbation from Hollywood and moder media is for sure going to create a dumb down civilization

People are easier to control when they are fat slobs and are not physically strong to defend themselves

Twitter for iPhone : I really loved that my students were able to respectfully give me constructive criticism tonight in our circle up in front of each other. To me that’s a sign of their confidence in both our individual relationship and themselves.

Twitter for Android : @Theroninway In truth your will has the capability to bend reality into your image

Since most men are blinded by their surroundings and have no sense to rebel

They never discover this truth