Twitter for iPhone : thinking about “again” being played out of all kehlani’s songs at the strip club

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Twitter for Android : Doja is the strip club

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Twitter for iPhone : I just hate these guys entering the portal midseason. I get being unhappy with your situation but be a pro about these things. Just show up to practice, play on your phone, refuse to participate in drills, get kicked out by the coach and then go to a strip club.

Twitter for iPhone : ItzUp the # strip club in houston THE fLAME

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Twitter for iPhone : Beni 3 kız 1 erkek arkadaşım praga götürmüşlerdi doğum günümde. Strip club tarzı bi yere hayatımın en iyi ikinci doğum günüydü💥💅🏻

Twitter Web App : At a strip club last week, my guy asked this stripper he was with to come see him the next day.

'I don't do hookup' she said. He said he knows but he just wants to see her again.

She came, gisted him in a condescending manner how some of her colleagues do hookup.

Twitter for iPhone : Ben Simmons got kicked out of Sixers practice today and is apparently at Delilah’s Strip Club right now, per Philly Source.


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Twitter for iPhone : The Washington Football Team continues to amaze…

First 15 female employees spoke out? - Changed team name

New sexual misconduct allegations? - Leaked Dwayne Haskins strip club photos

Jon Gruden email scandal?
- Rushed Sean Taylor number retirement

I mean…come on man.

Twitter for Android : 😂😂😂😂😂 'This is gym not a strip club' I like this guy.😂

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Twitter for iPhone : Dwight got a Finals run as the first option, a ring & 3DPOY’s. Send Harden back to the strip club.

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Twitter for iPhone : Thinking the strip club might be the move tonight because last week I was treated like a goddess 🥴❤️

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