Twitter for iPhone : Are restaurants closing down because of labor shortages, or wage shortages?

People told workers to go get something better. They are.

Insider Story:…

Twitter Web App : I’m currently in France, no shortages in supermarkets, Covid passports need to be shown in bars , restaurants etc and masks worn in non open areas. Haven’t seen one issue in 2 weeks, whereas good old Brexshit land 🤯🤯🤯🤯

Twitter for iPhone : European countries that have covid but no ‘CO2 shortages’ :
European countries that have covid and also ‘CO2 shortages ’ :
I wonder why?

Twitter Web App : Retirees not getting the UK state pension. Ministers blame staff shortages but govts are supposed to plan, deal with challenges. They failed with pensions, DVLA, lorry drivers, goods shortages, Brexit, care homes, NHS queues.
It is failure everywhere.…

Twitter Web App : 1- İngiltere'de şuanda tarihin en büyük işçi kıtlıklarından biri var. Tam 1.66 milyon iş ilanı yayınlandı ancak çalışacak insan bulunamıyor. Eee sen elin romanyalısını polonyalısını memleketine gönderirsen sonucun böyle olmasından daha normal birşey yok.…

Twitter Web App : Companies: 'why can't we find workers?'

Also companies: 'why won't our workers stay after we require them to work 12-hour days?'

Just in manufacturing, staff are working an extra 4.2 hours per week right now. An excellent strategy to produce burnout…

Twitter for iPhone : I had a great meeting with some of the hardworking folks of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chain today in Washington. One thing is clear: Inflation, potential rises in the corporate tax rate, labor shortages, and increased regulation is harming our agriculture community.

Twitter for iPad : Anybody else get the feeling that the U.K. is on the verge of collapse, rising prices for electricity, gas, food and travel. NHS run into the ground, shortages of construction and manufacturing materials. God help us.

Twitter for iPhone : Don’t know about you but people- food- and goods shortages, huge price hikes, dirtier rivers, rampant inequality, less choice, loads of tedious red tape, losing my rights and a govt making a national and international tit of itself…
Not my idea of a successful country.