Twitter Web App : kendimizle ilgili disleksi, hiperaktivite, dizle ilgili sorun, cevreyle ilgili sorunlar, pandemi vb seyleri ogrenmek icin 40 yaş cok gec. Cevremde cok arkadasim bu durumda. Yeni nesiller resilience odaklı, daha bilincli yetişsin🙏💙

Twitter for iPhone : İklim Değişikliği ile mücadele de doğru adım yutak alanları korumak ve arttırmak. Bu adımı tartışmayı ve planlamayı nedense ihmal ediyoruz. Opinion: We need biosphere stewardship that protects carbon sinks and builds resilience | PNAS…

Twitter for iPhone : I cannot overstate the emotional resilience of these young women.

They were molested for years by someone they trusted only to report it to the FBI, have it dismissed & have the perpetrator run free & then continued to perform at an Olympic level in the place they were abused.

TweetDeck : Splashdown!

Crew Dragon capsule Resilience touches down in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida:…

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Twitter for Android : Your resilience empower or poison ourselves to change. Imagine we had not been
Done. It words pronounced. hearing what is called ‘Scientific?

<o سٕيُٓفًٓيٰٓ )
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Sprout Social : You haven’t heard The Weeknd until you’ve heard him like this. Sorry, those are just the rules.

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Twitter Media Studio : This Indigenous environmental activist has survived three murder attempts for fighting against farming and mining that threaten Colombia's water and soil.

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Twitter Web App : The next meeting of the National Security Council should plan for less reliance on imported energy and food. National resilience requires more self sufficiency in the basics as well as in technology.

Twitter Web App : A thread of Anger. Any other ICU professionals tired of being asked about resilience? It feels analogous to asking how well the armor is doing at stopping bullets, instead of asking how can we help avoid the bullets in the first place 1/7

TweetDeck : Jared Isaacman Capsule lift is beginning

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Twitter for Android : Nengi's fighting spirit
Nengi's resilience
Nengi's courage
Nengi's beautiful soul
Nengi's kindness
Nengi's generosity
Nengi's grateful and thankfulness
Nengi's determination
Nengi's dedication
Nengi's drive
Nengi's hard work

Are all what makes her a blessed and special child! ❤️

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Twitter Web App : Keşke ilkokuldan itibaren her yıl şu dersler olsaydı: 1) sağlıklı beslenme uzmanıyla 'Ne yersen Osun' dersi. Düzenli olarak kan/hormon tahlillere bakıp her çocuğun bünyesine özel sağlıklı beslenme sistemini öğretecek (şekere yatkınlık, alerjiler vb öngörülüp izlenecek) +

Twitter Web App : what makes me extra emotional is just how sincere bts are, and how it seeps into everyone & everything around them. good change is hard work, but they make it easy to remain hopeful about it still — not just optimism, but resilience

Twitter Web App : The loss of the French inter connector for electricity reinforces my longstanding argument that we should not rely on imports. We need national resilience based on our own reliable generating capacity.

Twitter for iPhone : full moon in pisces affirmations
✨i am deeply connected to my higher self and rooted in resilience.
✨i flow with the divine plan and practice patience daily.
✨i honor my ancestors with diligence and dedication to our legacy.
✨i am cleansed and purified in divine golden light