Twitter for Android : Need some repairs on your fursuit? Want to learn some hand stitches for quick fixes? Seams on your suit have ridges with itches?

Nicolette from The Generator will have your suit repaired or just teach you a thing or two about seaming!

At charity row just infront of 2nd stage!

Twitter for Android : Stratosphere Casino tower construction c. 08/94. Ground breaking adjacent to Vegas World in 02/92. 08/29/93 tower caught fire. No one injured, but fire forced repairs & rebuilding that led to construction delays. Tower was topped off in 11/95 and opened on 04/30/96. 📸 unknown.

Twitter Web App : Ko-fi doodles are available !! $15/5 or more ko-fis will get you a doodle reward. Car repairs and health issues have put me behind on bills, so I could really use the support !!

Twitter for iPhone : My next door neighbor introduced himself to me. He tells me how his yt landlord is taking advantage of the house being section 8, & won’t do repairs. But he’s gonna suffer through it because it’s all he could get.

Nah buddy. You got the right neighbor. Left hand, activated 🙃

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Sprout Social : If tap water tastes funky the next few months, don't panic. It's because officials have shutdown the Catskill Aqueduct—a 92-mile-long-tunnel that provides about 40% of the city's drinking water—for repairs, changing the source of some New Yorkers' water.

Twitter for iPhone : hi y’all! so I was parked and someone side swiped my car, broke my window and left the back of my window on the sidewalk, and left no information. so unfortunately I need to pay for repairs, so if y’all could donate/share this to raise $500 that would help sm! anything helps 🥺❤️

Twitter for iPhone : This poor man had been complaining to his housing association for two years. He’s been staying inside a hotel for three months while they carry out repairs, but we visited yesterday and nothing has been done. How can an 81-year-old pensioner be treated like this? Story to follow.

Twitter Web App : Ragh!~ SURPRISE Foxy Butt Stretch! (Fnaf Foxy and Werewolfy UTX)

>:3 Foxys Getting a good Wide Gapeing from a Big n Thick Monster Sized Werewolf thrusting Hurr~ <3
Foxy might need some Repairs later after the Werewolf Rockhard Metal Crushing Fun times tho.

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: I just led 10 of my NYC colleagues in writing to Nancy Pelosi stressing the final Build Back Better Act MUST include $80B for public housing repairs nationwide.

We cannot turn our backs on those living in increasingly poor housing units in the richest country ever.