Twitter for iPhone : An emotional night Cork Opera House as we close our 21/22 panto. Somehow, we made it to THE END of our run despite the many many hurdles thrown our way…Thanks to everyone who supported us. These guys really truly are the hardest working panto team and staff in Pantoland.❤️🎭🎊🎉

Twitter for Android : A little video to promote Our Rawd Panto it would mean the world for yous to see it

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Twitter for iPhone : Hastane eczanesini bırak Aydın’da ne iv asiklovir var ne iv panto var hastanede mikostatin gargara bile yok hastaya sadece bakarak tedavi uyguluycaz yakında

Twitter for iPhone : Rodent Here’s a perfect snippet where the intentional non-verbal cues and the unintentional stuff ought be obvious. There’s casual brodudes turning to each other (panto style) …and then involuntary panicky faces/hands when Dr Chant says current vaccine regime NOT going to end this.

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Twitter Web App : Teaching is taxing. Every day staff are expected to deliver endless performances to children. It’s theatre. It’s panto. You have to know your stuff. You have to be on it. You have to control the room. You have to pre-empt misconceptions. It’s an art. Don’t underestimate it.

Twitter for Android : Nazlıcan Sari Şurup büyük bir ihtimalle gaviscon ya da rennie'dir. Çiğneme tableti o da rennie'dir tahminimce. Ben hepsini yaptım bir boka yaramıyor. Anca yemekten önce ağzına bir panto atacaksın öyle. Ben 9 yaşımdan beridir reflü ile uğraşıyorum. Ve hala yanıyor🔥🔥

Twitter for iPhone : Standing in the queue at Barclays South Shields…

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