Grabyo : ‘We want more accurate allergen information. We also want there to be a mandatory requirement for a waiter to ask customers if they have allergies.’

The father of Owen Carey, who tragically died following a severe allergic reaction to chicken coated in buttermilk

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TweetDeck : Burger chain Byron's system 'broke down' at the point a Crowborough teenager had a fatal reaction after unwittingly eating the buttermilk marinade on a chicken burger, a coroner has said.

Twitter for iPhone : Here’s a pic of Owen. Turned 18 2wks before his death. Imagine bringing a child into the world, you nurture them thro primary school, get them thro their teenage years and then on the cusp of adulthood, they are taken from you - needlessly. It’s why his family want

Twitter for iPhone : Hear hear. Let's have . I have an allergy and tell staff but still get caught out. Reaction gets worse every time. Only a matter of time before this is me I fear. - Byron burger allergy death: Owen Carey's family demand law change - BBC News…

Twitter for Android : Disgusted that Byron Burgers & their vile insurance company (like to know who they are) wriggled out of paying compensation to the family of Owen for his legacy to others with allergies…

Twitter for iPhone : ‘It was as if they were telling us his life was worth nothing’

Dad of 18 y/o Owen Carey on receiving ZERO damages frm Byron where Owen ate food he was allergic to - despite telling staff of allergies. Paul Carey wants - allergens printed on all menus
BBC Radio 2

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Twitter for iPhone : Incredibly moving interview today from Owen Carey’s family. is so desperately needed. We don’t eat out often, but when we do it’s terrifying. We once had a restaurant scrape egg from a plate & return same plate, after we told them of severe egg allergy when ordering.

Twitter for iPhone : The Careys are officially launching a campaign for Owen’s Law which wld require all restaurant menus to have clear, specific allergen labelling. (Owen had told the waiter about his allergy but wasn’t informed the chicken he’d ordered had been cooked in buttermilk)