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The urgency of climate change, covid-era supply disruptions and rising geopolitical tensions have triggered a renewed governmental push to shape future economies and keep clean energy industries within national borders.
Ocean Energy Europe
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From the momentary to the monumental, Office Depot® OfficeMax® offers solutions to help fuel your passion, power your potential, and achieve success.

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12.03.2023 İzmir 2. Altılı Ganyan

8 Wild Ocean/ 3 Master Chef/ 2 Jason Bourne
7 Yalnızay/ 3 Hızlı Emel
5 King Man Go/ 6 Oğlum Doruk
2 No Hard/ 4 Kızım Çınar/ 5 Lavender
7 Winter Song/ 5 Şahdemirkır
2 Silletokat/ 14 Yarımada/ 10 Babam Benim