Twitter for Android : .remember my ladies .
Love your V
Respect your V
Nurture your V
Be proud of your V
Protect your V
Just know the world wants to control and kill you because of your V.
What is V.

Twitter for Android : overwhelmed with your love .thank you gorgeous people of the world. This 52yrs is feeling your love ❤ ❤❤❣❣

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Twitter for Android : one turns 52yrs today . I grateful to health and happy . If its your birthday today
Happy birthday from me .but yeeeex happy birthday to me .May I live longer healthy and happy . Msy continue to be kick ass woman.for women.& girls

Twitter for Android : we have to teach our boys the word Vagina isn't a dirty word. We must make our boys understand that Female body isn't for their pleasure and you don't own the woman just because she is with you. Teach our boys to br respectful and to her equal. Its super important

Twitter for Android : .i have so much to smile about and be grateful too. As the students asked me today on have i gotten over my trauma. No I haven't. But I have learned to use it & it into educational tool. Most effective way to fight back. Blessed woman I am ❤❤

Twitter for Android : Women are the universe oil. Without it.There would be Nothing . Yet men in power fighting to rename repackage women to help their own agenda. Sick of it really. How dare they think we are to be mixed with everything. Recognise women period. Leave our rights alone

Twitter for Android : dear world
Stop abusing,torturing and killing women. Since the women women have subjected to cruelty. A woman with a voice is considered to difficult. I must be super difficult . We will continue to fight. You diluted & disected our rights. We will fight back vigorously

Twitter for Android : women and girls carry unimaginable trauma. You pass ne by on the street. You will look at me and you wouldn't know what I carry . We are absolutely amazing being with courage that is never ending .we survive shit on earth. Count your blessings & keep on living ❤❤

Twitter for Android : . I love my women and girls worldwide. I won't ever compromise language that describes us no matter who I offend. Our language doesn't or shouldn't offend anyone. It's us and we have every right to describe us.Repackage or rename if you want .we won't change .love you all

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