Twitter for iPhone : Group of migrants in Windsor, England, approaching children in their school uniforms in broad daylight, making sexual comments and asking for their social media details.

Get them caught Metropolitan Police 😡🤬

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Twitter Web App : Bu adam faşistliğin sınırında ırkçı filan bir arkadaş ama burada dedikleri doğru. Ukrayna savaşı biran önce bitmezse, Afrika'da milyonlar açlıktan kırılacaklar.…

Twitter for iPad : Renaud Pila «Engagé» pour ce triste individu, c’est engagé ds le racisme antiblanc, dans la destruction de notre pays, dans l’esclavagisme des français qui sont rançonnés depuis des décennies pour entretenir l’immigration massive dont le coût financier est pharaonique➕criminalité d’1 partie

Twitter for iPad : ‘Up to ten migrants have already asked to be returned home rather than risk having their claims for refugee status assessed in the central African nation’

Which goes to prove they weren’t ’fleeing war or persecution’ after all🙄 via Daily Mail Online

Twitter for iPhone : Im EU-Land Ungarn ist der rassistische Mythos Staatsräson.

am Montag:

'I see the great European population exchange as a suicidal attempt to replace the lack of European, Christian children with adults from other civilizations – migrants.'…

Twitter for iPhone : “As a child of Iraqi migrants, the distasteful sniggering by the man who launched a war resulting in at least 800,000 estimated deaths and the displacement of millions more is nothing short of despicable”

My latest for @nbcnews…

Twitter Web App : The Mail (for years) : We don't want you foreigners here. Vote Brexit everyone ! Let's send the migrants home !

The Mail (today) : Why aren't you people 'turning up' (the sense of entitlement in that verb ! 👇) to pick our vegetables any more ? 🤡

Twitter for iPhone : As Europe’s population is ageing and labour shortages slowly start to become rampant in all kinds of sectors in more and more countries, it is safe to say we need more immigration and not less.

People who want less immigration are just worsening (future) labour shortages.

Twitter for iPhone : Feïza Ben Mohamed Moi, français, noir, issu de l’immigration, ayant été élevé dans le respect de la culture française, ayant bénéficié de la méritocratie républicaine, ne me reconnaît pas du tout dans les thèses wokistes et indigénistes soutenues par Pap Ndiaye. Je les combattrai.