Twitter Web App : This is what infuriates me too. Why are we expected to 'pay for their faulty product'.

Building firms are laughing as leaseholders are pushed into financial crisis. Michael Gove…

Twitter for iPhone : My heart breaks for leaseholders who are still trapped in dangerous buildings blighted by cladding, insulation & missing fire breaks. This is a scandal beyond epic proportions. The PM treating people with utter contempt and disregard

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Twitter Web App : The building safety crisis isn't just causing misery for people facing huge remediation bills, it's also going to mean more homeless families trapped in temporary accommodation for longer.

The Govt must fund remediation of social housing as well as fully protecting leaseholders.

Twitter Web App : Watch this amazing George Clarke speech yesterday with a clear message to Gov’t.

The is not the fault of innocent leaseholders and down to Gov’t and Industry to sort it out.

Manchester Cladiators UK Cladding Action Group End Our Cladding Scandal

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Twitter for Android : It's up to GOV.UK and industry to make these flats safe, at no cost to leaseholders.

Couldn't agree more, George Clarke

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Twitter for iPhone : New Scientist Potential for huge profiteering by freeholders converting properties from gas to HP and passing on inflated costs to leaseholders. The current cladding scandal suggests the Govt won’t want to get involved policing the change.