Twitter for Android : All the calls on on food rations are agreeing that we should have vouchers/ration books etc, I'm not watching this crap anymore, 90% of its respondents are straight out of the Daily Mail/Express letters pages, the level of stupidity is beyond even my comprehension..

Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : 'Customer service was beginning to fail before Covid. I don't think people have pride in their work anymore. The don't give a damn.'

Jeremy Kyle has had enough of customer service. Has the high street failed the British public?

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Twitter Web App : On talkRADIO, I talked to about my views on and how I am looking forward to this weekend's and fundraisers, organised by my partner Modesta Vzesniauskaite in aid of Caudwell Children.

But no hugs this year, please. 🤗🤕

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : A judge in London has branded a bank manager 'sexist' for calling women 'birds'.

Journalist Benjamin Butterworth agrees: 'A lot of women I know would be angry at that.'

Benjamin Butterworth | Dawn Neesom

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