Twitter Media Studio : 'I can't name an MP who represents the people who vote.'

Warren in Taunton has had enough of politicians and wants to 'reform politics.'

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : Jilly in Bury South reacts to the news that her MP has defected to Labour.

'I'm shaking, I'm so angry! I voted for Christian Wakeford. He's stolen my vote.'

| Christian Wakeford MP

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : 'Nobody leaves Downing Street voluntarily.'

Peter Cardwell says Boris Johnson will not resign willingly: 'If there was a clear successor, he would have been gone already.'

| Peter Cardwell

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain Zara Mohammed tells Jeremy Kyle that 'it took 48 hours of a media storm' for Boris Johnson to finally launch an investigation into Islamophobia allegations.

| Zara Mohammed

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : The Bury South Tory MP Christian Wakeford has defected to Labour.

Fiona is in Bury North: 'Everyone in Bury is going mad, they think it's disgusting.'

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : The government is planning to stop disclosing daily figures on how many migrants cross the Channel.

Sharon in Peterborough is angry and says the government 'think we're stupid.'

'Australia got it sorted, why can't we?'

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : Cyclists will be told to ride in the centre of the lane to make themselves more visible to motorists under changes to the Highway Code.

Cyclist Darren in Somerset says 'bad cyclists' give the rest of his community a bad name.

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Twitter for Android : Nothing proved yet Zara is happy to not just play a vicitmcard but gets the entire pack out & chucks them around .Innocent until proven guilty is still a thing in my world , my world based on fact not emotive soundbites from her discredited organisation talkRADIO

Twitter for Android : Oh you really do find some loser leftie muppets for your show . This lady MP is showing everyone just why labour are now irrelevant due to their own conduct so boris and Dominic destroyed them and they are now just bitter Unelectable excuse merchants talkRADIO