Twitter Web App : $MOVR = ETH 3.0
$MOVR = Low transaction fees
$MOVR = Unprecedented interoperability
$MOVR = Scalability
$MOVR = No Venture Capital and no Founder reward
$MOVR = Low MC and lots of possibilities to grow
$MOVR = 60+ projects building on it
$MOVR = Early bird: who wants the worm?🪱

Twitter Web App : In 2016, the U.S. designated India as a Major Defense Partner. cooperation continues to expand with enabling defense agreements such LEMOA, COMCASA, BECA and ISA. These agreements help expand the Indian military’s capabilities and help build interoperability.

Twitter Web App : Today we opened Exercise Albatross Ausindo, our annual TNI AU-RAAF maritime patrol exercise, this year conducted from Kupang and Darwin. Great to continue working and flying together to enhance mutual understanding, interoperability and contributing to regional security

Twitter Web App : $QNT partner oracle just dropped their Q2 report. They got JPM, BNY, HSBC, Humana all using their ERP systems ( AKA blockchain).

Oracle said $QNT is their interoperability solution for their blockchain just last week.... You do the math.



Twitter Web App : Today is the start of military exercise RT21, which brings together approx 6000 service members from 12 allied & partner nations to foster collaboration & build interoperability. 🇺🇸&🇺🇦 militaries began working together more than 25 years ago, & this relationship continues to grow

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Twitter Web App : 3. BTC'ye karşılık gelen diğer ekosistemlerdeki sentetik varlıkların marketcap sıralamasında epey bir üst sıralara geldiği gün de inşallah interoperability deyip durdukları mevhumun çözüme kavuştuğunu görebileceğiz.