Twitter for iPhone : yes i’m still gagging

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Twitter for iPhone : I’m gagging!! And I’m pretty sure that’s a LAH! He ate your whaaat?

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Twitter Web App : 10/19/24

Ben Simmons has been ejected from practice for bringing his gaming PC to practice and peeing in the gatorade. 'Despite everything we would welcome him back,' a team source said while gagging on piss.

TweetDeck : I’ve got to the bit in Nolan Investigates where Stonewall was putting gagging clauses in its contracts with public bodies so they could not disclose through FoI etc how they were being lobbied by Stonewall.

That is a total failure on all these public bodies part.

Twitter Web App : Predictably, the DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson has immediately come out and said the EU proposals fall far short of what is needed.

They are gagging for a border between NI and the Republic. Nothing less will satisfy them.

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Twitter for iPhone : God above.

Episode 6.

Stonewall terms and conditions contain a gagging clause that tries to oust the FOI statute.

In contracts with governments.

(Obviously not a lawful term imo)

This is really frightening.

Twitter for iPhone : Im gagging, the taste?! ⭐️

(tiktok thinspo edtwt proana model runway)

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Twitter Web App : 'If SB19's popularity can also help push for P-pop sound, y not. But if we want it to be strategic, I don't think maiaasa natin yun sa SB19.'

First Filipino act to be nominated on BBMA
First Fil boygroup to be nominated on MTV EMA
New music ambassador of NCCA