Twitter for iPhone : karina and winter will be guesting/appearing in amazing saturday (nolto) 😭😭

they have finished filming for it but the scheduled release date is still yet to be determined!


Twitter for iPhone : Filming has officially begun on Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ series adaptation.

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TweetDeck : David Simon, the creator of 'The Wire,' says he won't allow filming for his upcoming HBO show to take place in Texas due to the state's new abortion ban.

Twitter for iPhone : Sapnap oil painting :D I started filming a time lapse but the angle was annoying to paint at so I stopped, I’m doing a Karl one too but I’m debating whether or not to ditch the time lapse. Are they cool? Is it worth it? Idk.

Twitter for iPhone : You can NOT convince me that Mnet didn’t know Ziyin was gonna drop out before filming eliminations. They knew & still chose her instead of Liang Jiao thus why Ziyin was visibly angry tht night. Once again proving how Mnet has not changed & they’re still trash

Twitter for iPhone : QN: were there any interesting things that happened while filming for the mv and track video?

TY: we waited for 15 hours but it ended after filming for 15 mins 😂
HC: we ate tteokbokki bought by taeyong and doyoung hyung on set of the mv and had a fun time filming

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Twitter for iPhone : EXO visiting each other on their sub-unit/solo MV filming set 🤍

KYUNGSOO → EXO-CBX‘s ‘Blooming Day’ set
JUNMYEON → Baekhyun’s ‘Candy’ set
CHANYEOL → BH’s ‘Candy’ set with 🍩
CY → Sehun’s ‘On Me’ set with 🌭
BAEKHYUN → ‘EXO-SC’s ‘1BV’ set
SEHUN → Chanyeol’s ‘Tomorrow’ set

Twitter for iPhone : Some guy filming Eric Prydz with the calculator app lol

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Twitter for Android : From accompanying Chanyeol pick an outfit for his enlistment and even helping try it on, to personally coming on set to support CY's 'Tomorrow' mv filming despite how he wanted to take rest. EXO-SC is really not just a duo. Their friendship is so precious 🥺💕