Twitter for Android : The apartheid regime’s labeling of award-winning human rights groups as terrorist organizations—just because they speak truths about Israel’s violence & its human impact—is grossly antidemocratic and dangerous.

The U.S. must end funding for human rights abuses. Enough.

Twitter Web App : How to build a movement against rising Jew-hatred?

Movement building starts with a commitment to supporting allies. That means more building up and less tearing down.

Facing down our foes *will be easy*, as long as we can unite our friends.

Twitter Web App : Homosexuality has gone from being illegal to police officers marching in pride parades - in one generation!

Don’t let anyone tell you Ending Jew Hatred isn’t possible.

Twitter for Android : VIDEO! The head covering of an Orthodox Jew was pulled off to the laughter of multiple passengers on a bus in what appears NYC. 🛑

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Twitter for iPad : WANTED for AN Assault in front of Set Lounge at 1828 McDonald Avenue. @NYPD62pct on 8/28/21 @ 2:30 AM 2 individuals approached the victim and began punching and kicking him yelling anti-jewish statements Reward up to $3500Call 1-800-577-TIPS Calls are CONFIDENTIAL!

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Twitter Web App : As Jew-hatred increases on the Left and in the streets of America, when will Democrats offer equal protection to Jews, the oldest and most persecuted minority community in the world? - BrookeGoldstein…

Twitter Web App : 1/ Louis Brandeis graduated from Harvard Law School at age 20 with the highest grade point average in that school's history and, after other academic triumphs, was appointed Supreme Court justice. He also was an expert at fighting Jew-hatred...with wit. Read on...

Twitter Web App : Halloween is a week away and you and your family might be brainstorming costume ideas. Check out our resource for reminders about how and why to avoid cultural appropriation, cultural stereotypes, and costumes that perpetuate gender norms.…