TweetDeck : BTS released a documentary which gave a closer look at how My Universe, their recently released song with Coldplay, was made.…

Twitter for iPhone : Schwartzman-Isner doubles maçı / Isner Schwartzmanı havaya kaldırıyor Schwartzman smaç vuruyor gifi - Şuraya doğru hızlıca ilerleyelim seri biçimde

Twitter for iPhone : Kobe didn’t care about spacing.
Kobe didn’t care about doubles.
Kobe didn’t care about physicality.
Kobe didn’t care about zones.

58 points on pure skill with multiple defenders and schemes designed to stop him. This is how a 12th seed played defense in that era.

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Twitter for iPhone : Card tips tonight? 🟨🟥

Here is the deal...

👉🏼 500 Retweets gets same game multi's

👉🏼 1000 Retweets gets that + double doubles

👉🏼 1250 Retweets and we'll put together a triple double as well 👀

55, 87 & 322/1 winners at the weekend 🔥 almost a 9000/1!

18+ gambleresponsibly

Twitter Web App : A. Henderson doubles and E. Henderson singles to bring her home!

B5 | Iowa 6, IHCC 3

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Twitter Media Studio : Doubles🐐 discussion is over

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Twitter for iPhone : Sutton doubles down and says she paid for Lisa’s ticket. Sutton texted Lisa telling her it’s not a big deal 💀

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