: İngiltere Başbakanı Boris Johnson'ın eski başdanışmanı Dominic Cummings, Johnson'ın hükümetin politikalarını destekler haberler yapmaları için gazetelere rüşvet verdiğini iddia etti

Twitter for iPhone : NEW: Downing Street do not deny Boris Johnson held private meetings with newspaper editors to negotiate 'direct bungs', as claimed by Dominic Cummings, but they insist no outlet received 'preferred treatment'.…

Twitter Web App : A quite astonishing story on Byline Times by Sam Bright

Dominic Cummings has revealed that Johnson arranged
'bungs'- bribes - to British papers in exchange for
favourable coverage and government advertising

The worst corruption in British history - and unreported of course

Twitter Web App : With all the majestic impartiality of the law, Durham police refrained from investigating Dominic Cummings because he was a friend of the Prime Minister and continue to investigate Keir Starmer because he's the leader of the Labour Party.

Twitter for Android : Keir Starmer asking for Dominic Cummings to be sacked BEFORE he was even subjected to a Police Investigation

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TweetDeck : Just had chat with Top Lawyer: Durham Police have policy of not investigating retro potential breaches of COVID rules. So how are we here?
“The Tories leant on Durham Police to not investigate Dominic Cummings and leant on them to investigate Starmer.”
Make of that what you will

TweetDeck : Junior staff told, PM's PPS is coordinating with covid taskforce to ensure all no10 events are lawful. Junior staff had reasonable expectation this happening. So how do you fine junior staff for 14/1/21 & NOT the PM *who attended* & was responsible for entire shitshow?!