Twitter for iPhone : And desits next suspend civil rights in the name of 'national security'. Note DT's 'reason' was our Nat Security, but did we get gassed?…

Twitter for iPhone : 'If my sister rejected islam, I would reject her. She MUST believe in God.'
The reality, with a sparkling smile.

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Twitter for Android : Fellow Nigerian's! go back and study this countries, how they got to where they are today? Afghanistan and Palestine, why are they not having peace till date with themselves? LIES from Governmental authorities to citizens.They conquered them with DESITS slavery/poverty/militias..

Instagram : Happy birthday to my absolute main man, the one and only Jeff Desits! There's no better guy than you.…

Twitter for Android : James Desits is the man. I just googled his name and got the help i needed. Thank God for those Notre Dame TriO programs and Upward Bound