Twitter Web App : Welcome to the Future of Fundraising
Our essential mission is to deploy a multi-chain and fully decentralized platform. We wanted to ensure this platform to be scalable rollup-to-rollup general token bridge with various staking option to participate fundraising.

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Twitter for Android : Ali Yigit Sadi Kaymaz Sia güzel ama insanların anlamadigi bir proje. Meme tokenlar, gamefilar, metaverse ler daha anlasilabilir parabolik yukselisler icin.
Decentralized storege lar icin nasil bir olay orgüsü, hikaye, hype gelebilir bilmiyorum ama piyasanin legacy coinlerinden.

Twitter for Android : The DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) first started in Apr 2016 as a decentralized venture capital fund, with no traditional management structure or board.

How do DAOs work and what types of communities should consider it? 👇

Twitter for iPhone : What an overwhelming amount of support, ! Our Adopt a Node initiative already made it past three Full History and three non Full History nodes. That is incredible: with those new nodes 3 out of 21 FH nodes powering are community provided ❤️

Twitter for iPhone : Metakerse’de nike giyebilicez abiiii, üffff gelecek çok iyiii yaa, metakörs, meta lanetli yani, yeni çağ web8.0 kuantum mekaniks bro, her yer cinyıs kaynıyo bro. Decentralized FreeWorld bro yeah. Ha telefon çıkar diyen dayı ha bu.

Twitter for iPhone : Steve in 21 milyon bitcoin ve 7 milyar insan konusunda haklı olduğunu düşünüyorum. O traderdan çok reklamcı gibi. Efe büyük türk aileleri decentralized den arsa alıyor falan dedi. Fethi Sabancı Kamışlı 90% bu abimizdir. Boomerlar buna para harcamaz.

Twitter for iPhone : It’s been a great 2 years building out the Helium🎈 LoRa network in hexagons across the world. There’s a lot more to come, and with collaboration from FreedomFi’s decentralized wireless solution, the next two years of democratized networks are gonna be even better! Stay tuned. 🎈

Twitter for iPhone : And…it doesn’t really stop there. It’s more of a (decentralized) financial industry data hub. With 450 startups (!) as members already. And the regulators. And the private banks. And the Bundesbank. Now popping up on the GaiaX $OCEAN MVP. Well, what do you know.