Twitter Web App : Good Morning Scotland was at it again today. Pro-Union propaganda issued by Gordon Brown was broadcast on several bulletins as though it was news.

The programme's Unionism is pretty transparent these days.

Twitter Web App : Good Morning Scotland once again behaving like a tabloid newspaper in its coverage of Scotland's ambulance service. It's hysterical. The BBC in England and Wales didn't react this way when the army was brought in to assist the ambulance services there. Why the difference?

Twitter for iPhone : “If the UK Government proceeds with this cut it’ll be pulling away a lifeline at the very time people need it most. That’ll be an injustice, it’ll be wrong, and it’ll go against everything a government is supposed to do.”

📻Neil Cowan on this morning

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Twitter Web App : Listening to Prof. Jason Leitch being interviewed by Laura Maxwell and it's clear he's onto them. She got nowhere with vaccine certs so tried to create another headline using ambulances. It's transparent that GMS presenters are seeking SNPBad headlines & not information.

TweetDeck : In terms of military involvement in the ambulance service - the chief exec of the Scottish Ambulance Service tells she 'would expect' it'll involve soldiers driving existing ambulances, rather than military vehicles being used.

Twitter Web App : 'Questions about impartiality were raised regarding a letter North East Scottish Conservative MSP Liam Kerr had written to the licensing board, urging it to push through the Draft Project application.'

Twitter Web App : Laura Maxwell: 'In terms of ambulances, we know the Red Cross was helping in Glasgow at one point.'

Jason Leitch: 'The Red Cross help us every day of the year.'

What Maxwell did was unethical. She tried to present an everyday occurrence as unusual to push an agenda.

Twitter Web App : Liam Kerr kicks in his interview with a pop at the greens and Nicola Sturgeon. Its a reserved matter, says Laura Maxwell. He's actually sounding hysterical now 'extremist Greens'

TweetDeck : Organ donation: Transplant given me eight extra years.
Under new rules, if people aged over 16 have not opted out of organ donation, they will be considered a possible donor if they die in circumstances in which they could donate.

Twitter Web App : Humza Yousaf is to appear on Good Morning Scotland this morning to be interviewed. We do hope the 'think twice' interview comes up and he doesn't hold back. Look out for Laura Maxwell calling him 'Hamza' instead of Humza.

TweetDeck : MSPs take evidence on Scottish Govt's plans for a vaccine certification scheme. Holyrood's Covid Recovery Committee will hear from SPFL Chief Executive, Neil Doncaster & the National Clinical Director, amongst others.
We'll speak to Jason Leitch