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Other people have discussed it in length multiple times before me but seriously can we just use the term No Mercy route instead of genocide route.
The person who coined it specifically made h-tler/holocaust jokes about it and it's just a term to be avoided

Twitter for iPhone : I always talk to self-proclaimed 'human rights activists' on this platform and most of them show their true faces and show their antisemitism at one point.

Robert, who describes himself as a 'human rights activist', is by far the worst one I've encountered.

Twitter for iPhone : Do you realize how insane this is? We’re in the era of sensitivity trainings and diversity and inclusion workshops—ground zero of which is the college campus. For the millionth time: you cannot operate in this swamp to fight antisemitism, because the swamp is antisemitic.

Twitter for iPad : Jeremy Corbin to appear with actor who tweeted about atoning on Yom Kippur “for the weeks I’ve wasted on chubby naked Jewish girls on bikes dot com” and described a single by Van Halen as being “worse than 3 Holocausts.” This is NOT satire. It’s not irony. It’s

Buffer : If you want to know how prevalent antisemitism is in the Middle East and even among Arab Americans, search “yahood” (which is Arabic for Jew) on Twitter. The results are shocking and heartbreaking.

Twitter for iPhone : I’ve never felt more worried about the future of Jewish people than I do at the prospect of Iron Dome funding being pulled. The Iron Dome is for civilian defense. There’s no rational reason to pull funding—unless antisemitism is so commonplace, we don’t see it corrupt rationality

Twitter for Android : Halloween is in a month so this is a good time to acknowledge and remember that almost every western depiction of evil (demons, witches, vampires..) is rooted in antisemitism

Twitter Web App : The latest data to back up what American Jews are feeling comes today from The Brandeis Center. In a poll of “openly Jewish” college students, 70% said they experienced antisemitism and 50% said they have felt the need to hide their Jewishness at school.…

Twitter Web App : Anti-Zionism is a politically correct way to spread antisemitism with impunity.

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Twitter for iPhone : 34 countries shun UN's commemoration of controversial Durban Conference: “the worst international manifestation of antisemitism since WWII” - shame on those that have not pulled out.…