Hootsuite Inc. : The so-called “Goyim Defense League” hung a banner declaring “Vax the Jews” from an overpass near a large concentration of Austin’s Jewish population, while a high school was vandalized with antisemitic slogans the same day, leaving local Jews in shock. algemeiner.com/2021/10/25/aus…

Twitter Web App : Hours after police were seen smiling and fist-bumping with with neo-Nazis holding an anti-Semitic banner near a Jewish neighborhood, 'Racist and antisemitic slogans and symbols were daubed across several parking spots at Anderson High School.'

Twitter Web App : Please read – another false claim of antisemitism at a university, authoritatively denounced by senior academics. This is not only a great defence of academic freedom, but also of the innocent victim. scotsman.com/education/glas…

Twitter Web App : In preparation for the commemoration of the deadly antisemitic attack in Pittsburgh tomorrow, explore these community events, including virtual options. Join the community to reflect and support each other. 1027healingpartnership.org

Twitter for iPhone : So this generation’s antisemitic trope is anti-Zionism and disassociating Jews and Judaism from Israel and Zionism.

Newsflash: you won’t win. We’ve been passed the torch of fighting for Judaism after thousands of years; you’re just a speck in our history.

Twitter for iPhone : They were real people - with likes and dislikes, good moods and bad moods, strengths and weaknesses - not just names in a news report. They should still be here. They’re not because of antisemitic hatred.

TweetDeck : Two men went on trial in Paris on Tuesday accused of killing an 85-year-old French Holocaust survivor, who was stabbed to death in her Paris apartment in what prosecutors call an antisemitic attack. stripes.com/theaters/europ…

Twitter for iPhone : was a French Jewish Holocaust survivor who in 2018 at 85-years-old, was brutally murdered in her apartment.

Tomorrow her antisemitic murderers, Yacine Mihoub (28) & Alex Carrimbasus (21) go on trial. Scheduled to last until Nov 10.

Que justice soit faite.


Twitter for iPhone : I planned to only go to things and be an invisible participant. However, I quickly shifted gears.

Since February, I have fully led a second life as a racist, antisemitic fascist. I have had friends, job offers, and worked to network and make connections.

99% of it is on tape.

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AOT and how the series used antisemitism and Antisemitic theories as worldbuilding and character development (1/2)

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Twitter Web App : 'I am anti-Zionist' sounds innocuous. But the meaning, 'I believe that the only Jewish-majority state in the world should be disbanded, by force if necessary, and its 7 million Jews put at the mercy of a group of whom over 90% are antisemitic' a lot less so. (1)