Twitter Web App : There’s so much information in Tweets that S&PDowJonesIndices built a stock index around them.

Introducing the S&P 500 Twitter Sentiment Index, now measuring conversations & $cashtags on the top positively talked about S&P 500 companies. 👇…

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Twitter Web App : lets see how this works, President Biden just moved into a nursing home with other memory care patience's and we now expect the S&P to rally 500 points tomorrow, and Jack Dorsey will see his bitcoins jump 15,000 at opening, is everyone happy? LOL

Twitter for Advertisers : Your voice has value — and now we’re reflecting it and your $cashtag Tweets with the S&P 500 Twitter Sentiment Index, a stock index powered by Twitter data.

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Twitter Web App : Introducing a new era for the Twitter Developer Platform!

📣The Twitter API v2 is now the primary API and full of new features
⏱Immediate access for most use cases, or apply to get more access for free
📖Removed certain restrictions in the Policy…

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Twitter Web App : Another exciting announcement from Twitter’s Developer Platform!

@SPDJI just launched two stock market indexes, powered by the sentiment behind Tweets with $cashtags

Now you can see the impact of your finance conversations on Twitter