Twitter Web App : Thrilled to announce our Incubation on UniCrypt!
As part of our collaboration we're deploying our market pair KXA/BNB initialization on PancakeSwap->
Automated from their smart-contracts, once we reached the hard-cap on the ILO
As a reminder: planned for 3th December ~6PM UTC

Twitter for iPhone : 🚨 ATTENTION 🚨

Live AMA with UniCrypt🦄
TIME: 22:00UTC

voice chat based to be hosted by Tj and Omnifounder

2 Whitelist Spots (1 per user) 💰
5 UNCL (1 per user) 🪙

Omni TG:

Hootsuite Inc. : Kryxivia Game FCFS is SOLD OUT in 1-minute 30-seconds raising $150,000 💵

The Multiverse MMORPG is coming! The gems are waiting to be earned ✨

💎 $KXA - main token for on-chain activity
💎 $KXS or Kryxit Shards - online currency to play, buy, trade, & have new assets in-game

Twitter Web App : Thanks to the love of communities in various countries for NASA, 3,500 people have applied to complete the list mission, and NASA will soon UniCrypt_UNCX pre-sale 👇 On December 1, CoinMarketCap coingecko launched at the same time and announced the important people of cooperation

Twitter Web App : New ERC20 tokens added to the DeFi Wallet
✅ e-Radix ()
✅ HEX ()
✅ Highstreet ()
✅ KleeKai ()
✅ UniCrypt ()
✅ WagyuSwap ()
✅ Proton ()

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Twitter Web App : UniCrypt CryptoMines | Play to Earn We always follow and believe in Unicrypt's contributions in promoting the development of the entire blockchain industry.

Binemon is currently trading at 0.023 (x1781% of the starting price after IDO launch on Unicrypt) now they have expanded their ecosystem!!!

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Twitter Web App : The white list has been announced.
Let's congratulation to the lucky 64.
Please prepare your wallet.
Pre-sale is about to start.
Please go to UniCrypt_UNCX to check if you are on the list.
New news.
All our tokens have been locked on UniCrypt_UNCX.


UniCrypt Network is happy to reveal the incubation of @Kryxivia Game!

The ILO will take place on Dec 3rd, 2021. We recommend everyone to read this Cointelegraph announcement article. Exact details to be shared!…

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Twitter Web App : ⚡️Top Projects with Fully Diluted Market Cap of $15M - $35M
18 November 2021