Twitter Web App : Randomly remembered that my friend Rey invited me to his wedding on Feb 22, 2022 and I realized that sometime ago, that was the day I wanted to get married too (for the number play + that day is a TWOsday too huhu)

Wow, that is 4 months away. Whirlwind romance pls. Chour

Twitter for Android : Alright folks, here is this week's schedule! I'm going to take it a easy this week since I'm still not at 100% 😷 time MST PM
Sun - Switch Games @ 6
Mon - spooky time @ 7
TLoU twosday - more part 2 @ 7
WWW - rdr2 @ 5
Thur - spooky time @ 7
Fri - 1st play of dark pictures! @ 5

Twitter for Android : Titty twosday anthem:

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Twitter for iPhone : Happy Zero Twosday!!

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Twitter for iPhone : Y’all!
This was an epic 11 song collaboration between artists of two time tested music genres, & R&B. Here’s 1 of our favorites.

Artists: Marty Stuart HQ Mavis Staples
: The Weight
Album: Rhythm Country and Blues
billboard: No. 1 (album)

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