Twitter for Advertisers : We break down the top 5 benefits of moving off of Active Directory and why it’s worth it to begin the journey. Check it out:

Twitter Web App : VIP Pass mint will launch Wednesday September 15th at 3:00 PM EST for people that held 3+ TOR NFTs at snapshot time.

Minting will last a total of 7 days, please keep in mind gas prices and mint whenever is most convenient to you personally and financially.

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Twitter Web App : The time has arrived to introduce the Tools of Rock Collections!

The 'Stairway' Collection is now live and is an homage to Led Zeppelin (how fitting that we launch this on the 41st anniversary of their legendary drummer, John Bonham's passing).

Learn more in our Discord!

Twitter Web App : Officially VIP #888 - Thanks Tools of Rock one step closer to the Metaverse!! Might have a few extra passes to sneak in friends in the future!

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Twitter Web App : That's it! We have reached our 2500 VIP Pass cap!

Congratulations to everyone in the club.. Time to buckle up and prepare for the Tour of your life!

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