Twitter for Android : This is what they call an incredible heat bomb.
During the next 16 days (and probably during a much longer time) we will face what is meant by Arctic amplification.
Large areas show temperatures 26-32°C warmer than normal in Oct.

Thawing permafrost, peat fires, CH₄, CO₂, ESAS.

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Twitter Web App : Ellen Chung, 31, Jonathan Gerrish, 45, their 1-year-old daughter Miju and dog Oski went on an Aug. 15 afternoon hike on the Hites Cove Trail loop.

The temperatures that afternoon ranged between 107 and 109 degrees.

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Twitter Web App : Kiri loves when the weather changes and colder temperatures start to set in.

He and Bakugou change the bedding in their room, as each of them prefers sleeping with the windows open to let the cool air in.

TweetDeck : Roughly 3 million litres of water/day are available at just 4 paise/litre to the 16 beer factories and distilleries operating in Aurangabad. Meanwhile, Shalubai spends 8 hours of her day fetching water for her family in temperatures crossing 40 degrees…

Sprout Social : Syukuro Manabe – awarded the 2021 in Physics – demonstrated how increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere lead to increased temperatures at the surface of the Earth. His work laid the foundation for the development of current climate models.

Twitter Web App : As we near the end of October, model runs show the likelihood of 'Christmas Breeze' affecting Jamaica. A weak Cold Front is expected near Jamaica at the end of next week. The forecast is for showers over northern parishes and slightly cooler afternoon temperatures.

Twitter for iPhone : Snow leopards call the mountains of central Asia home. With thick hair, insulated paws, and a long tail that aids in balance and acts as a blanket against frigid temperatures, this cat is well suited for life in the snowy mountains where it acts as a top predator.

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Twitter for iPhone : “Antarctica just logged its coldest winter on record, with average temperatures hitting a blustery -78 degrees Fahrenheit. Individual temperatures hit as low as -144 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the coldest South Pole winter since records began in 1957.”…

Twitter for Android : Soon this will not be possible. Autumn temperatures have arrived.
I always enjoy reading outside. I feel less distracted.
Reading with an e-reader is relatively new to me. But I can't store any more books on shelves.
A blessed Sunday afternoon to you all.