Twitter Web App : Ten years ago today, Cenk Uygur announced the founding of Wolf-PAC in response to the influence special interests with big money have over American politics at the federal level and the Supreme Court cases that have cemented this corruption.

Twitter Web App : The Oath Keepers are known as a violent extremist group. You can see some members here in tactical gear moving up the Capitol steps on Jan. 6.

We got a membership list from an anonymous hacker.

It included 10 sitting state lawmakers, all GOP.


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Twitter Web App : Can we get Congress to investigate Sinema over her misuse of funds and misrepresentation to constituents?

Police recommend charges against four over Sinema bathroom protest…

Twitter for iPad : I dunno… maybe I could agree with Candice Owens. However, she’s telling everyone what her party has done.

They all think socialism will take away their healthcare. But how’s that system doing? I’m sure she gets all the healthcare she needs.

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