Twitter for Android : Music, sheesha and talking to boys has become so normalized, girls wearing short scarves with hoodies and calling it pardah, tight abayas, posting pictures on social media.

It's reached a point where girls who don't follow these trends are considered abnormal and too strict.

Twitter Web App : Dear community,

📊 As a SHEESHA holder, each & everyone of you is the owner of a diversified portfolio of exciting projects.

🏆 We proudly present to you, all the Investments & Strategic Partnerships that were put together by the team, during the months of October & November.

Twitter Web App : Jisay apke jaan ko katra ha wo haram ha chahe wo sheesha ho ya kch bhi but I think kch lgon bhi hmare liye sahi nhi tou kea wo log bhi haram ha hmare liye 🙂 like haram rishtay!!
We are crying for nah mehrams
This is the beauty of our religion❤❤

Twitter Web App : 🎊To celebrate Sheesha Finance (SHEESHA) will be primarily listed on Nov 30, 2021! We are offering $8,000 worth of SHEESHA in rewards for Welcome Bonus, Twitter Airdrop, Telegram Airdrop, Buy & Earn Events, exclusive to BitMart users.


Twitter for iPhone : If a guy smokes, vapes or does sheesha; he becomes instantly unattractive. Like you couldn't fight one addiction, how are you gonna fight for us against the world?

Twitter Web App : another time someone mentioned a relative doing sheesha at 5 years old (yes, wtf; I hope an exaggeration!) &, appalled, I compared it to Alia in Jessica’s womb during the water of life ritual… & my cousins stared at me like wtf is that.

opendorse : Tune in to the Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway to see who wins $100,000 in tuition during the halftime Tuition Toss at the Big Ten Conference Championship game on Saturday, December 4th. And remember J.J.'s advice, never take your eye off the target! Dr Pepper

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