Twitter for iPhone : Anything bad about Britain is blamed on Brexit, anything good is despite Brexitโ€ฆTony Blair is such a wanker

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Twitter for iPhone : Exclusive: Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, the former CBI director-general, has joined the race to become the next chairman of Channel 4 as the state-owned broadcasterโ€™s board seeks alternatives to the governmentโ€™s plan to privatise it.โ€ฆ

Twitter for iPhone : REC GB News That weโ€™re all โ€œLittle Englandersโ€ when a vast number of Brexit supporters are more widely travelled and knowledgeable about the world than your average Remoaner.

Twitter for Android : Seethe and cry.

And once you've finished.

Seethe and cry some more, I've been enjoying your delicious tears since 2016.

only in remoaner minds.

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Twitter for Android : Who keeps putting out this Nonsense, a removal of a PrimeMinister would not ensure any openings for reversing Brexit.

If indeed this Statement is to be said as True. Then the Conservatives have much more to worry about within their own Party.
As this would imply some Remoaner's

Twitter Web App : It's off, then it's on again. Dover TAP is in force, meaning lorries are being parked up on part of the A20 leading to the town as they wait to cross the Channel.