Twitter Web App : What they say: Oh if something breaks, we will just ask our top engineers to fix it.
What they mean: We don't really care about community or its health as long as we make money. If the patch doesn't make it upstream, thats ok. Our top engineers are too precious for upstream.

LinkedIn : What’s new with Calico Enterprise 3.14?

We are excited to announce new features and capabilities for Calico Enterprise including:

1. Support for Calico CNI with AKS (BYO CNI model)

2. Support for RKE2 (Rancher Kubernetes Engine…

Hootsuite Inc. : RKE2- distribution from SUSE, offers customers and the community the ability to deploy their clusters on a FIPS – compliant distribution with enhanced features designed to meet CIS benchmark requirements with minimal intervention.

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Twitter Web App : RKE2 adds support for Windows, including Server 2022, and a vSphere driver to provision directly into a virtualized environment. 'Alongside experimental GMSA tooling, .NET applications can now maintain security best practices in container environments,' according to SUSE.