Twitter Web App : Brian Wong sees opportunity everywhere, but mainly in markets that don't have services that meet their needs. This is where the 'greatest change is possible' but you need soft skills to see them

📺 the panel on emerging gig economy opportunities (4:15:00)…

Twitter Web App : : “The energy transition is happening. It’s been driven largely by policy.”

“But now it’s also been driven by capital markets,” says Thackwray Driver CEO of the Energy Chamber of Trinidad & Tobago at the Global Commodities Forum.

“We need to be part of the change.”

Twitter Web App : 'The carbon clock is clicking and we have very little time.,' Arash Duero of Bingmann Pflüger International told the Global Commodities Forum.

'We must switch from carbon to gas.'

It’s the quickest and most effective way to enter a low-carbon economy, he said.

Twitter Web App : ⏳2 days to go! Join UNCTAD Ocean Economy UNCTAD and DOALOS/OLA as we look back on lessons learned, rise to the challenges together and forge ahead to create a and .
🗓️23-24 Sep 21
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