Twitter Web App : Over-Policing: Bir grubun üzerine fazla sayıda polis memuru sevk etmek, polis baskısı kurmak.

Under-Policing: Bir grubu polis hizmetinden mahrum etmek, alanı hukuksuzluğa bırakmak.

Twitter for iPhone : Policing in UK 😳

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Twitter for iPhone : The NYPD and other municipal workers just blocked traffic on the Brooklyn bridge, not to protest murders, but to protest vaccine mandates.

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Twitter Web App : A man wounded by Kyle Rittenhouse called the Kenosha shooting a 'natural consequence' of police allegedly 'deputizing' a white nationalist militia and funneling protesters to them.

This is how policing in the U.S. is rooted in its history of racism.…

Twitter for iPhone : Recording reveals police efforts to recruit BLM activist as informant | Undercover police and policing |

a few lolable things here..…

Twitter for iPhone : IGP Dampare may be new in his seat but he has shifted something in the gears of policing dormant for decades. When the police merely acts because it is activated by third persons, it ceases to champion the rule of law. Under Dampare impunity is in danger

Twitter Web App : Policing must achieve greater diversity without making our White talented colleagues feel unwanted. Everyone should feel included; heterosexual, disabled, LGBTQ, Black, White & Asian. Different talented people with the same Peel policing values and skills. Why is this not simple?

Twitter for iPhone : we continue to mislabel different initiatives and policies as being abolitionist because we know who cops are but not what policing is.

it’s how we get people saying to replace cops with social workers, predictive technology, and the local community itself.

Twitter for iPhone : i support the boycott of clubs for “girls night in” but i don’t support the idea of enhancing security. it’s not an effective solution and is gonna cause a lot more harm to people. please try to stop seeing policing as the only way to solve issues of violence, harassment etc

Twitter for Android : Handling livestock isn't as easy as it looks!🐏🐏🐑🐑

Our rural officers were given firsthand experience today as well as an exceptional classroom input

Rural policing is specialist policing and its vital our teams know the basics of farming👍👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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