Twitter Web App : What do you think about the having all four quarterbacks make the roster this season?? 👀 To see my thoughts on them all (including Stidham before and after his trade) in my article below! ⤵️…

Twitter Web App : William Barr former AG is out paddling his book and backstabbing his former boss President Trump. He was is and will continue to be a creature of the Washington swamp. Who recommended this creep to Trump? I bet it's a question that eats at many Patriots.

Twitter for iPhone : The tragedy of Ukrainian war is that the NATO / NGO activists all fled. The patriots are the ones dying off. Then the cowards will return to Ukraine to “rebuild” / launder money. This is WWI all over again - the best men are dying off.

Twitter for iPhone : Patriots fan live reacting to the Bills Patriots playoff game is absolutely hilarious

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