Twitter Web App : It’s quite easy to understand why the world’s top emitters of CO2 and the biggest producers of fossil fuels want to make it seem like they’re taking sufficient climate action with fancy speeches. The fact that they still get away with it is another matter…

Twitter for iPhone : they’re talking about team aomg being the best visual producer in smtm and the quiett saying he’s on par with them (i agree 👀) paloalto and nucksal laughing 😭😭🤣

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Twitter Web App : Amazing actor, won all 9 Korean film awards for newcomers in 2014. Singer, composer, music producer, dancer and model.
Park Yuchun, the most talented but misunderstood superstar, In truth, is a simple, gentle, sincere and polite young man who deserves to be loved by the world.

Twitter for Android : privde butun idol producer chuang pd101 china unutamadigim seyleri siraladim kendimi asiri duygusal hissediom keske o gunlere geri donsem

Twitter for iPhone : I don’t know if you guys remember this a few years ago. This young black TV producer from the U.K. went abroad with a production company. Whilst out there he went missing and has never been found. It’s sad that you don’t see nothing about it. The story is even more shocking.