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because some people prefer to describe themselves as lesbian than sapphic, some people just like to identify as lesbian instead of sapphic

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celebrate the end of the holiday weekend with Rehydration Day.

hit the ❤️ for hydration reminders all day Tuesday.

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Türk hukuku çok yetersiz gibi — Türk hukuku lafının artık oxymoron olduğunu düşünüyorum…

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Introducing the one-stop shop for secure, seamless Web3 experiences.

Join the waitlist today for early access to the Magic Connect SDK.

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There is no doubt. Donald Trump will be indicted for numerous Federal Crimes. And I know at this point a smart Republican seems like an oxymoron, but they’re there, and they will abandon him. He’ll be left only with the people waiting at Dealey Plaza for JFK to show up.