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Twitter Web App : Jodie Foster, 'The Accused' (Best Actress, 1988)

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Buffer : Big winners at the 1937 Oscars—Paul Muni, Best Actor for The Story of Louis Pasteur; Luise Rainer, Best Actress for The Great Ziegfeld, and Frank Capra, Best Director for Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.

SocialFlow : The eligibility period for Academy Awards consideration will return to the full calendar year after two years in which it was altered because of the pandemic. blbrd.cm/xdUQvbd

Twitter for iPhone : 'It was like incredibly shocking. It's a hard one because I don't wanna kind of add another voice into the thing. I mean it was weird. I think to watch it was obviously very uncomfortable, & I don't think it was very cool.'

-Harry on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Twitter for iPhone : There were more white liberal celebrities who spoke against Will Smith after the Oscars than there have been speaking against Tucker Carlson and the GOP after the mass shooting in Buffalo.

Which says a lot.