Twitter for iPhone : Modern day retelling of Pinocchio where pleasure island is a ten year old rails app but after a few days the servers are hard rebooted in safe mode and the only way off the island is to work on an app that’s php / jquery / bootstrap v1 / neo4j but the api is sqlite
& no internet

Twitter for Android : Blockchain is such a shit technology that coinbase had to resort to SQL lol. I bet using open source Neo4j to emulate a blockchain, inefficient by DB standards, would still be more scalable

Oktopost : “I look forward to playing a part in continuing Neo4j’s leadership momentum in shaping the modern data stack.” - says Chandra R., CMO at Neo4j.


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Twitter Web App : ✧ Which Database

⬘ There exists so many Databases viz. Relational and, NoSQL.

⬙ If you go by market trends, you may work in one or, more of these

❍ Oracle
❍ PostgreSQL
❍ MongoDB
❍ Cassandra
❍ Neo4j

⚠️ This is a sample list

Twitter for Advertisers : With Canva, you can design to impress. Discover the magic of visual communication and how it can engage your audience. So, what will you design today?