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What if instead of positions, we had a more detailed way to describe footballers’ tactical roles? Here is our unique set of 18 player roles.

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As a different kind of chemistry company, we’re investing in local communities to make a meaningful difference for people, friends, and neighbors.

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Income £10,000 better off by £0

Income £100,000 better off by £1,470

Income £1,000,000 better off by £55,250

Income £10,000,000 better off by £617,720

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Şimdi soru şu:
Bundan kaç tane var?
Aralarında hakimlerde var mı?
Diğer meslek gruplarında da cirit atıyorlar mı?
Özelikle bakanlıklarda ve askeriyede.

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Jacob Aron Not even on the day of the Brexit result did we get a reaction like this — this clearly isn’t about tax cuts/policy, however bad they may or may not be… -

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Not a single Tory MP would go on tonight to talk about the and the economy. Not one. That says a lot about this rotten Govt

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🚨 NEW from JRF:

This is a that has wilfully ignored families struggling through a cost of living emergency and instead targeted its action at the richest.

It leaves those on the lowest incomes out in the cold with no extra help to get them through the winter. 🧵

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That was vile from Kwasi Kwarteng who actually just said 'for too long in this country we've indulged in a fight over redistribution'
Dealing with inequality is somehow over-generous? Does he think people choose to be poor & face disadvantage? Disgusting

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It's an absolute joke that cannot even interview in person. She was scripted in all radio interviews and as she cannot be a real person to the real electorate.

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From next April the 45% top rate of tax (applies to those earning £150,000) will be scrapped. So the top rate will be the 40% higher rate threshold.

This means mega earners, pay the same rate as those on £50,000.

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Liz Truss has finally broken her long painful silence with a series of short painful silences.

People desperately needed reassurance on prices, mortgages and pensions.

She's demonstrated why she can't be trusted with Britain's economy.…

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We are incredibly encouraged to see so many pro-growth policies announced by Kwasi Kwarteng in the - many of which we have advocated for over many years

Here's what we have to say: