Twitter Web App : Micro frontends are an alternative to web application design and are gaining momentum among architects and developers.

Our Product Evangelist, Carlos Solis Carlos Solis, explains what they are and how they can help your team πŸ‘‰

Twitter for Android : Sibelius Seraphini Was pinged in a Dev Community once by a founder. He asked for tips on setting up Microfrontends and decide between Kubernetes and Serveless and this and that. My first thought was that he was scaling up

He was pre-customer and had a team of 1 person (himself)

Twitter for iPhone : Almost 2y, ~280 pages, ~110 diagrams, tens of conferences around the world, 16 workshops, uncountable evenings and weekends spent on my laptop… and it is finally READY πŸš€ πŸŽ‰

Building Micro-Frontends is the book where I reversed all my experience on


Twitter for Android : Luca Mezzalira Congratulations. This is brilliant, waiting for the book since last year. The few articles that were published by you helped me a lot to architect microfrontends architecture for our product. This book can further help us improve and fix any broken plugs in it.