Twitter for iPhone : , I need your help please. Fellow doc in Pensacola, FL has her COVID+ stay at home dad (kids 2 & 5) husband w/ renal cell carcinoma on immunotherapy & 35L high flow NC and a NRB. Chest tube on the left. Sick since 8/27. She’s looking to transfer. Please DM me for #.

Twitter for iPhone : Ultrasound localization microscopy captured how blood actually flows through the brain 😨

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Twitter for iPhone : Please. Be kind

We know you have been waiting

We don’t like it either!!!

Everywhere is short staffed. We haven’t had time for a bathroom break.

Yelling at and abusing those who are still willing to take care of you doesn’t solve the problem

Twitter for iPhone : Pyruvate dehydrogenase is actually a 1980s mosh pit

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